Remodeling Spaces And Creating Balanced Environments

Knowing the effect of different colors on our perception will help you get the most out of remodeling your home and basement remodeling work. The colors and the way in which they reflect or absorb light influence in a remarkable way how we perceive the size of a room. For remodeling, it is essential to set a goal and set goals

Remodeling Of Bathrooms, Design, And Finishes

Renovation of main piping and distribution of whitewater in black, wall remodeling with wallpaper, installation of glass hand basin with a chromed pipe. Impeccable finishes, reconstruction of spaces.

  • Installation of chromed plumbing with glass top and sink
  • Passing, sanding, and painting
  • Installing Wallpaper
  • Installation of plumbing, white and black water
  • Installation of LED TV 55 “recessed
  • Installed Home Theater installation with wiring inside the wall
  • Installation of pendant lamp
  • Installation of roller shutters